VideoTouch was reviewed with 5 stars by most of it's testers. Clients were amazed how easy it adapts to your needs and how simple it is to use.


This is the next big thing.

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Multi-Purpose Website

Use it any way you need it. Codmark sets new standards for WordPress Themes and for layouting in general.

Translation ready

It is translation ready. Get your website in any language because Codmark comes with .po and .mo files included in the archive.

Unlimited colors

Codmark is just full of colors. You can use any colors you want as the theme does not come with any pre-defined color schemes but lets you choose your own brand color.

We love VideoTouch. Give it a try!

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What you'll find in the package

Cool WordPress Theme

Based on WordPress and coming with the super powerful Touch Layout Builder this makes the perfect choice for your website!

Super customizable

You can change nearly anything on this website. Unlimited headers, footers and page layouts. Let your imagination be the limit.

Create your own shop

Shopping has never been easier. Using our drag and drop builder you can arrange products, articles and anything you need to create a cool online shop.